Digital Strategy

One of the keys to creating a successful digital solution is understanding your business objectives and identifying the right strategy to achieve your goals. Tapping our experience and expertise, we will help you to define an solution based on these. We can also help you with the bigger picture, i.e defining a Digital strategy.


If you love our designs, but already have an app, you can engage our team of skilled designers to create a visually appealing icon or splash screen for your app. Of course, we can also design your app for you.


Wireframing Many of our clients have a good initial idea of what they want in an app, but would still like to brainstorm with mobile experts before presenting the concept to their management. This is where our skilled team of product strategists and UI / UX specialists come in. We will help you to formulate, sharpen and develop your ideas.

End-to-End Development

We work on all major IT platforms. We offer turnkey software development services, from idea generation, UX and creative design, development, and testing to final deployment.

Who we are


Digidot is a creative digital production company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our business concept is to create customized and usable apps, helping our clients to reach their business objectives.

As a new, innovative type of digital agency, we develop for online strategies and concepts to establish connections between brands and people. Our team of experts focus on developing individual solutions in the areas of Mobile applications, Digital Production, Social Media Marketing and Facebook applications.

Talk to us!


Looking to turn your idea or service into a service, NFT or mobile app? Don’t know where to start? Digidot helps you to explore the limitless possibilities of the app universe. Our team provides both the experience and the expertise to give your app creation a kick-start.

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